Chwanpien 1928-OCT-08 - -   


WANHSIEN (Wanhsien) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent WANHSIEN Prefecture [Yang Sen Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : General Yang Sen
NORTH SZECHWAN (Barkam) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent NORTH SZECHWAN Territory [Teng Hsi-Hou Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : General Teng Hsi-Hou
NORTH-WESTERN SZECHWAN (Nanchung) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent NORTH-WESTERN SZECHWAN Garrison [Tien Sung-Yao Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : General Tien Sung-Yao
SZECHWAN-HSIKANG (Chengtu) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent SZECHWAN-HSIKANG Territory [Liu Wen-Huei Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : Liu Wen-Huei
NATIONALIST SZECHWAN (Tachow) De facto Semi-Independent High Pacification Commission of SZECHWAN [Pro-Nationalist Lu Chao Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : Lu Chao
 ()   :
CHUNGKING (Chungking) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent CHUNGKING Special Municipality [Liu Kiang Warlordship of the Sichuan Clique at Chungking] : General Liu Hsiang
SZECHWAN (Chengtu) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent Independent Military Province of SZECHWAN [Autonomous Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique] : Lai Hsin-Huei

Other Entities with similar names

Standing Committee of the National Government of the Republic of CHINA [Kuomintang Clique]
(Nanking a)

CHWANPIEN Special Administrative District

Flag or Logo since 1928-10-08
CH´UAN-PIEN T´e-Pieh Ch´ü : 川邊特別區 (zh)
Emblem or Symbol

Tan Yen-Kai
(ruler of NATIONALIST CHINA since 1927-09-17)
Capitals & administrative places: Tachienlu
Official & national languages: Chinese (zh) .


CHWANPIEN CHWANPIEN Special Administrative District  (Tachienlu)

3 Divisions:

CHAMDO CHAMDO Region  (Chamdo)Local: CH´ANG-TU Ti-Ch´ü : 昌都地区 (zh)  (Ch´ang-Tu)
KARDZE KARDZE Region  (Tachienlu)Local: KAN-TZE  (Ta-Chien-Lu)
LIANGSHAN LIANGSHAN Region  (Hsichang)Local: LIANG-SHAN  (Hsi-Ch´ang)

2 Territories:

HORPA STATES Hor States : HORPA STATES  (Tachienlu)Local: HOR dpon khag lnga : ཧོར་དཔོན་ཁག་ལྔ། (ero)  (Ta-Chien-Lu)
MULI Semi-Independent Tibetan Kingdom of MULI  (Muli)Local: MU-LI Hsien : 木里縣 (zh) + SMI-LI rdzong : སྨི་ལི་རང་སྐྱོང་རྫོང (bo) + MULI (pmi)  (Mu-Li)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CHAHAR CHAHAR Special Administrative Region  (Changkiakow)
CHINA Military Government of CHINA [Fengtien Clique]  (Mukden)
CHUNGKING CHUNGKING Special Municipality [Liu Kiang Warlordship of the Sichuan Clique at Chungking]  (Chungking)
EASTERN PROVINCES EASTERN PROVINCES Special Administrative Region  (Kharbin)
KWEICHOW Province of KWEICHOW [Autonomous Warlordship of the Ch´ien Clique]  (Kweiyang)
MA Warlordships of the MA Clique  (Lanchow)
MANCHURIA Government of MANCHURIA [Autonomous Warlordship of the Fengtien Clique]  (Mukden)
NANCHAO Government of Kwangsi Province : NANCHAO Federation [Warlordship of the New Kwangsi Clique]  (Nanning)
NATIONALIST CHINA Standing Committee of the National Government of the Republic of CHINA [Kuomintang Clique]  (Nanking a)
NATIONALIST SZECHWAN High Pacification Commission of SZECHWAN [Pro-Nationalist Lu Chao Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Tachow)
NORTH SZECHWAN NORTH SZECHWAN Territory [Teng Hsi-Hou Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Barkam)
NORTH-WESTERN SZECHWAN NORTH-WESTERN SZECHWAN Garrison [Tien Sung-Yao Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Nanchung)
NORTHWEST CHINA Nationalist Army of the NORTHWEST [Kuominchun Clique]  ((Changkiakow))
SHANSI SHANSI Clique [Autonomous Warlordship of the Shansi Clique]  (Taiyuan-Yangchu)
SINKIANG Autonomous Province of SINKIANG [Warlordship of the Tungan Government of the Sinkiang Clique]  (Tihwa)
SOVIET CHINA CHINESE Soviet Territories  (Yiyang g)
SZECHWAN Independent Military Province of SZECHWAN [Autonomous Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Chengtu)
SZECHWAN-HSIKANG SZECHWAN-HSIKANG Territory [Liu Wen-Huei Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Chengtu)
TIBET Kingdom of TIBET  (Lhasa)
WANHSIEN WANHSIEN Prefecture [Yang Sen Warlordship of the Szechwan Clique]  (Wanhsien)
YUNNAN YUNNAN Province [Autonomous Warlordship of the Yunnan Clique]  (Kunming)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AIGUN Soviet Union Concession of AIGUN  (Aigun)
ALSHA ALSHA Banners  (Tingyuanying)
ALXA ALSHA League  (Tingyuanying)
AMERICAN TIENTSIN American Permanent Base of TIENTSIN  (Tientsin American Base)
AMOY ISLAND British Concession of AMOY ISLAND  (Siming)
ANHWEI AN-HWEI Province  (Hwaining)
BELGIAN TIENTSIN TIENTSIN Belgian Concession  (Tientsin Belgian Concession)
BRITISH FOOCHOW British Concession at FOOCHOW  (Foochow British Concession)
BRITISH HANKOW British Concession at HANKOW [Chinese Occupation]  (Hankow British Concession)
BRITISH SHAMEEN British Concession of SHAMEEN  (Shameen)
BRITISH TIENTSIN TIENTSIN British Concession  (Tientsin British Concession)
CHEKIANG CHEKIANG Province  (Hangchow)
CHINKIANG British Concession at CHINKIANG [Chinese Occupation]  (Chinkiang)
DAIREN DAIREN Special Municipality  (Port Arthur)
EJIN EJIN Banner  (Ejin)
FENGTIEN FENGTIEN Province  (Mukden)
FORMOSAN ABORIGINES FORMOSAN Aboriginal Peoples [Bunun Rebellion of Tafen]  (Hualien Harbor)
FRENCH CHUNGKING French Marine Establishment in CHUNGKING  (Wangchiato)
FRENCH HANKOW French Concession at HANKOW  (Hankow French Concession)
FRENCH SHAMEEN French Concession of SHAMEEN  (Shameen French Concession)
FRENCH SHANGHAI Municipal Council of the FRENCH CONCESSION OF SHANGHAI  (Shanghai French Concession)
FRENCH TIENTSIN TIENTSIN French Concession  (Tientsin French Concession)
FUKIEN FUKIEN Province  (Foochow)
GOLOK GOLOK Prefecture [Rebellion of the Ngolok Tribal Region]  (Machin)
GREATER SHANGHAI GREATER SHANGHAI Special Municipality [Chinese City Government]  (Shanghai)
HAILUFENG Haifeng-Lufeng Soviet : HAILUFENG Communists of Kwangtung  (Haifeng + Lufeng)
HAINAN Hainan Soviet : CHIUNGYA Soviet  (Haikou)
HANKOW FIRST AREA HANKOW First Special Area [Chinese Administration]  (Hankow)
HANKOW SECOND AREA HANKOW Second Special Area [Chinese Admininistration]  (Kianghan)
HONAN HONAN Province  (Kaifeng)
HONG KONG British Crown Colony of HONG KONG  (Victoria City)
HOPEI HOPEH Province  (Peiping)
HSIANG-E-KAN Liberated Zone of the HUNAN-HUPEH-KIANGSI Revolutionary Base Area  (I-Chun)
HSIANGTUNG EASTERN HUNAN Red Army Independent Division  (Lienhua)
HUNAN HUNAN Province  (Changsha)
HUPEH HUPEH Province  (Wuchang)
INNER MONGOLIA INNER MONGOLIAN People´s Revolutionary Party  (Khailar)
ITALIAN TIENTSIN TIENTSIN Italian Concession  (Tientsin Italian Concession)
JAPANESE CHUNGKING Japanese Concession at CHUNGKING  (Chungking Japanese Concession)
JAPANESE FOOCHOW Japanese Concession at FOOCHOW  (Foochow Japanese Concession)
JAPANESE HANGCHOW Japanese Concession in HANGCHOW  (Hangchow Japanese Concession)
JAPANESE HANKOW Japanese Concession at HANKOW  (Hankow Japanese Concession)
JAPANESE SOOCHOW Japanese Concession at SOOCHOW  (Soochow Japanese Concession)
JAPANESE TIENTSIN TIENTSIN Japanese Concession  (Amatsu)
JEHOL JEHOL Province  (Jehol)
JERIM JERIM League  (Tungliao)
JOSUTU Tumed League of JOSUTU  (Chaoyang)
JUU UDA JUU UDA League  (Chihfeng)
KANGTUNPEI NORTHEAST KIANGSI Revolutionary Base Area  (Yiyang)
KANSU Sultanate of KANSU Province  (Lanchow)
KHAM KHAM Province  (Lhabagar)
KHARBIN KHARBIN Special Municipality  (Kharbin)
KHINGAN KHINGAN League  (Wangyehmiao)
KIANGSI KIANGSI Province  (Nanchang)
KIANGSU KIANGSU Province  (Chinkiang)
KIAOCHOW Chinese Territory of KIAOCHOW  (Tsingtao)
KIHIA KIHIA District  (Kihia)
KIRIN KIRIN Province  (Kirin)
KIUKIANG British Concession at KIUKIANG [Chinese Occupation]  (Kiukiang)
KUMUL KUMUL Khanate [Vassal Principality of Sinkiang]  (Khamil)
KWANGCHOW KWANGCHOW Special Municipality  (Canton)
KWANGCHOWAN Territory of KWANGCHOWAN [Chinese Lease to France]  (Fort Bayard)
KWANGSI KWANGSI Province  (Nanning)
KWANGTUNG KWANGTUNG Province  (Chenkiang)
KWANTUNG Territory of KWANTUNG [Japanese Civil Administration of the Chinese Leased Territory to Japan]  (Port Arthur)
MACAO Portuguese Overseas Colony of MACAO  (Macao)
MUKDEN MUKDEN Special Municipality [Shenyang]  (Mukden)
NANKIANG Military Region of Southern Sinkiang : NANKIANG  (Kashgar)
NANKING NANKING Special Municipality  (Nanking)
NINGSIA Sultanate of NINGSIA Province  (Ningsia)
ORDOS ORDOS League  (Ordos)
PAKHOI Foreign Settlements of PAKHOI  (Pakhoi)
PEIPING LEGATION QUARTER Joint Administrative Commission of the Diplomatic Quarter : PEIPING LEGATION QUARTER  (Peiping Legation Quarter)
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT International Concession of Shanghai Municipal Council : SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Shanghai International Settlement)
SHANTUNG Province of SHANTUNG [Japanese Zone of Influence]  (Tsinan)
SHENSI SHENSI Province  (Paoki)
SIAN SIAN Special Municipality  (Sian)
SILINGOL SILINGOL League  (Silinhot)
SOUTH MANCHURIAN RAILWAY ZONE South Manchuria Railway Company : SMR  (Dairen)
SOVIET KHARBIN Soviet Union Concession of KHARBIN  (Soviet Kharbin)
SUIYUAN SUIYUAN Province  (Kweisui)
TAIWAN Government-General of TAIWAN [Colonial Government of Formosa]  (Taipeh)
TEHUNG TEHUNG Region  (Kanfang)
TIENTSIN TIENTSIN Special Municipality  (Tientsin)
TSINGHAI Sultanate of the Military Province of TSINGHAI  (Zining)
U-TSANG U-TSANG Province  (Lhasa)
ULANCHAB ULANCHAB League  (Wulanhua)
WEIHAIWEI British Territory of WEIHAIWEI [Chinese Lease to United Kingdom]  (Port Edward)
WUHAN Hankow Special Municipality : Capital District of WUHAN  (Hankow)

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