British Antarctica 1963-JAN-01 - -   


((Washington-District of Columbia)) - (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) -

British Antarctic Territory : BAT
[High Commission administered from Falklands]

Flag or Logo since 1962-03-03
British Antarctc Territory : BAT (en)
Emblem or Symbol

Consultative Meetings
(ruler of ANTARCTICA since 1959-12-01)

Queen Elizabeth II
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1952-02-06)
Capitals & administrative places: Halley + (Signy)
(Halley + (Signy))
() capital or HQ de facto partially ou totally outside of the territory
Official & national languages: English (en) .


BRITISH ANTARCTICA British Antarctic Territory : BAT  (Halley + (Signy))

1 Divisions:

COATS LAND AND CAIRD COAST British Sector of COATS LAND AND CAIRD COAST  (Halley)Local: British Sector of COATS LAND AND CAIRD COAST (en)  (Halley)

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