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((Buenos Aires)) - (Santiago of Chile a + Valparaiso l + Vina del Mar s) -

Chilean Antarctic Territory : CAT
[in the Province of Chilean Antarctica]

Flag or Logo since 1996-10-15
Territorio Chileno Antártico : TCA (es)
Emblem or Symbol

Secretary Albert Lluberas Bonaba (uy)
(ruler of ANTARCTICA since 2017-09-01)

President Gabriel Boric
(ruler of CHILE since 2022-03-11)
Capitals & administrative places: Antarctica
Official & national languages: Spanish (es) .


CHILEAN ANTARCTICA Chilean Antarctic Territory : CAT  (Antarctica)

1 Divisions:

CHILEAN ANTARCTICA Commune of the CHILEAN ANTARCTICA  (Antarctica)Local: Comuna de LA ANTÁRTICA CHILENA (es)  (Antártica)

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