Mughan 1918-OCT-19 - -   


AZERBAIJANI People´s Republic


Flag or Logo since 1918-07-17
(Emblem or Symbol of AZERBAIJAN)

Fathali Khan Khoyski
(ruler of AZERBAIJAN since 1918-06-17)
Capitals & administrative places: Astrakhanka
Official & national languages:

6 Territories:

ASTRAKHANKA ASTRANKHANKA Vicinity  (Astrakhanka)Local: ASTRAHANKA  (Astrahanka)
BILASUVAR BILASUVAR Vicinity  (Bilasuvar)Local: BILASUVAR  (Bilasuvar)
LERIK LERIK District  (Lerik)Local: LERIK  (Lerik)
MIL-MUGHAN MIL-MUGHAN Region  (Karadonlu)Local: MIL-MUGHAN  (Qaradonlu)
PETROPAVLOVKA PETROPAVLOVKA Vicinity  (Petropavlovka)Local: PETROPABLOVKA  (Petropablovka)
YARDYMLI YARDYMLI Vicinity  (Yardymli)Local: YARDIMLI  (Yardımlı)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AZERBAIJAN AZERBAIJANI People´s Republic  (Baku)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BAKU Province of BAKU [British Occupation]  (Baku)
KARABAKH Armenian People´s Government of KARABAKH  (Khankendi)
KUBA KUBA Uyezd  (Kuba)
MUGHAN Autonomous Provisional Military Dictatorship of MUGHAN part of Single and Indivisible Russia  (Lenkoran)
NAKHICHEVAN Autonomous Region of NAKHICHEVAN  (Nakhichevan)
YARADULLU YARADULLU Village [Azerbaijani Enclaves in Armenia]  (Yaradullu)
ZAKATALY Province of ZAKATALY [Disputed]  (Zakataly)

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