Yevlakh 1917-SEP-14 - -   


RUSSIAN Republic Special Transcaucasian Committee : OZAKOM Government of ELISABETHPOL ELIZABETHPOL Uyezd
(Petrograd) (Tiflis)(Elizabethpol)(Elizabethpol)

YEVLAKH District

Flag or Logo since 1917-09-14
(Emblem or Symbol of ELIZABETHPOL)

Alexander Kerensky
(ruler of RUSSIA since 1917-07-21)
Capitals & administrative places: Yevlakh
Official & national languages:

3 Territories:

MINGECHAUR MINGECHAUR Vicinity  (Mingechaur)Local: MINGECHAUR  (Mingechaur)
YEVLAKH YEVLAKH District  (Yevlakh)Local: YEVLAKH  (Yevlakh)
YEVLAKH CITY YEVLAKH City  (Yevlakh)Local: YEVLAKH Gorod  (Yevlakh)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BAKU BAKU Oblast  (Baku)
ELISABETHPOL Government of ELISABETHPOL  (Elizabethpol)
KUBA KUBA Uyezd  (Kuba)
SHARUR SHARUR District  (Sharur)
ZAKATALY ZAKATALY Okrug  (Zakatalsk)

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