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British Dominion of CANADA

Flag or Logo since 1922-04-26
British Dominion of CANADA (en) + Dominion britannique du CANADA (fr) SDN Member
Emblem or Symbol

King George V
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1910-05-06)
Capitals & administrative places: Ottawa
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .


CANADA CANADIAN Confederation  (Ottawa)

9 Federated Divisions:

ALBERTA Province of ALBERTA  (Edmonton)Local: Province of ALBERTA (en)  (Edmonton)
BRITISH COLUMBIA Province of BRITISH COLUMBIA  (City of Victoria)Local: Province of BRITISH COLUMBIA (en)  (City of Victoria)
MANITOBA Province of MANITOBA  (Winnipeg)Local: Province of MANITOBA (en)  (Winnipeg)
NEW BRUNSWICK Province of NEW BRUNSWICK  (Fredericton)Local: Province of NEW BRUNSWICK (en)  (Fredericton)
NOVA SCOTIA Province of NOVA SCOTIA  (Halifax)Local: Province of NOVA SCOTIA (en)  (Halifax)
ONTARIO Province of ONTARIO  (Toronto)Local: Province of ONTARIO (en)  (Toronto)
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Province of PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND  (Charlottetown)Local: Province of PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (en)  (Charlottetown)
QUEBEC Province of QUEBEC  (Quebec City)Local: Province of QUEBEC (en)  (Quebec City)
SASKATCHEWAN Province of SASKATCHEWAN  (Regina)Local: Province of SASKATCHEWAN (en)  (Regina)

3 Territories:

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Federal Territory of the NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES  (Fort Smith + Ottawa)Local: Federal Territory of the NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES (en) + Territoire fédéral des TERRITOIRES DU NORD-OUEST (fr)  (Fort Smith + Ottawa)
WRANGEL ISLAND British Canadian Territory of WRANGEL ISLAND  (Ureliki)Local: Territory of WRANGEL ISLAND (en)  (Ureliki)
YUKON YUKON Territory  (Dawson City)Local: YUKON Territory (en) + Territoire du YUKON (fr)  (Dawson City)

1 Condominium:


Dependent Protectorates:

ALEXANDER CREES Cree Chiefdom of ALEXANDER Band [under Treaty Six Agreement]  (Alexander)Local: ALEXANDER Band  (Alexander)
ALEXIS ASSINIBOINES Assiniboine Chiefdom of ALEXIS [under Treaty Six Agreement]  (Alexis)Local: ALEXIS Reservations (en) + Cade Wicashdabi : ALEXIS (sto)  (Alexis)
ARCTIC RED RIVER KUTCHINS Kutchin Chiefdom of ARCTIC RED RIVER Community under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Arctic Red River)Local: ARCTIC RED RIVER Community (en) + TSIIGEHTSHIK Gwichya (gwi)  (Arctic Red River)
ATHABASKANS Chiefdoms of CREES AND CHIPEWYANS under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Fort McMurray)Local: Chiefdoms of CREES AND CHIPEWYANS (en)  (Fort McMurray)
BIG HEAD CREES Chiefdom of BIG HEAD Indian Reserve  (Pierceland)Local: Chiefdom of BIG HEAD Indian Reserve  (Pierceland)
BIGSTONE CREES Cree Chiefdom of BIGSTONE Band under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Wabasca-Desmarais)Local: BIGSTONE Band  (Wabasca-Desmarais)
BLOOD BLACKFEET Blackfoot Chiefdom of BLOOD Tribe – Treaty Seven Tribal Council  (Stand Off)Local: BLOOD Tribe (en) + Kainah : KÁÍNA (bla)  (Stand Off)
BLUE QUILLS Nations of BLUE QUILLS Indian Reserve  (Blue Quills)Local: Nations of BLUE QUILLS Indian Reserve  (Blue Quills)
CROSS LAKE CREES Cree Chiefdom of CROSS LAKE Band  (Cross Lake)Local: CROSS LAKE Band (en) + Pimicikamāk Nīhithawī : NIKIKONAKOS (cr)  (Cross Lake)
DOGRIB RAE Chiefdom of DOG RIB RAE Band under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort Rae)Local: DOG RIB RAE Band (en) + TŁĮCHǪ Yatıì (dgr)  (Fort Rae)
DRIFTPILE CREES Cree Reservation of DRIFTPILE Band [under Treaty Eight Agreement]  (Drift Pile River)Local: DRIFTPILE Band (en) + Nihiyow Tapaskan : MIHTATAKAW SÎPÎY – ᒪᐦᑕᐦᑕᑲᐤ ᓯᐱᕀ (cr)  (Driftpile River)
ENOCH CREES Cree Chiefdom of ENOCH Indian Band  (Enoch + Stony Plain)Local: Cree Chiefdom of ENOCH Indian Band  (Enoch + Stony Plain)
FORT LIARD South Slavey Chiefdom of FORT LIARD Community under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort Liard)Local: FORT LIARD Community  (Fort Liard)
FORT MCPHERSON KUTCHINS Kutchin Chiefdom of FORT MCPHERSON under the Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort McPherson)Local: FORT MCPHERSON Communities (en) + Dinjii Zhuu GWICH´IN (gwi)  (Fort McPherson)
FORT PROVIDENCE South Slavey Chiefdom of FORT PROVIDENCE under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort Providence)Local: South Slavey Chiefdom of FORT PROVIDENCE  (Fort Providence)
FORT SIMPSON South Slavey Chiefdom of FORT SIMPSON Community under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort Simpson)Local: FORT SIMPSON Community  (Fort Simpson)
HORSE LAKE BEAVERS Beaver Chiefdom of HORSE LAKE Band under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Hythe)Local: HORSE LAKE Band  (Hythe)
KAPAWENO KAPAWENO Band under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Grouard Mission)Local: KAPAWE´NO Band  (Grouard Mission)
KEESEEKOOSE SAULTEAUX Ojibwe Chiefdom of KEESEEKOOSE Indian Reserves [under Treaty Four Agreement]  (Kampsack)Local: KEESEEKOOSE Indian Reserves (en) + FIIZHIGOONS Anishinaabeg (oj)  (Kampsack)
LIARD Kaska Nation of LIARD  (Upper Liard + Watson Lake)Local: Kaska Nation of LIARD (en) + Kaska LIARD (kkz)  (Upper Liard + Watson Lake)
LITTLE RED RIVER CREES Cree Chiefdom of LITTLE RED RIVER Band under Treaty Eight Agreement  (John D´Or Prairie)Local: LITTLE RED RIVER Band (en) + ATHAPISCOW-WIYINIWAK Anishinabek (csw)  (John D´Or Prairie)
LOUIS BULL Chippewa Blackfeet Reservation Community of LOUIS BULL Tribe under Treaty Seven Agreement  (Louis Bull)Local: LOUIS BULL Tribe  (Louis Bull)
MICHEL Chiefdom of MICHEL Band under Treaty Six Agreement  (Michel Indian Reservation)Local: MICHEL Band  (Michel Indian Reservation)
MONTANA INDIANS MONTANA Indian Reservation under Treaty Six Agreement  (Montana Indian Reservation)Local: MONTANA Indian Reservation (en)  (Montana Indian Reservation)
MONTREAL LAKE CREES Cree Chiefdom of MONTREAL LAKE Indian Reserve  (Montreal Lake)Local: Cree Chiefdom of MONTREAL LAKE Indian Reserve  (Montreal Lake)
NORTH SLAVEYS Chiefdom of NORTH SLAVEY Communities under Treaty Eleven Agreement  (Fort Good Hope)Local: Chiefdom of NORTH SLAVEY Communities (en) + SAHTÚOT´ĮNĘ Yatı̨́ (xsl)  (Radili Ko)
NORTHERN PEIGAN BLACKFEET Blackfoot Chiefdom of NORTHERN PEIGAN Band part of Treaty Seven Tribal Council  (Brocket)Local: NORTHERN PEIGAN Band (en) + ApatohsiPiikani : APATOHSI PIIKANI (bla)  (Brocket)
PAUL Cree and Stoney Nakoda Chiefdom of PAUL Band under Treaty Six Agreement  (Wabamun)Local: PAUL Band  (Wabamun)
PRINCE ALBERT NATIONS PRINCE ALBERT Nations under Treaty Six Agreement  (Prince Albert)Local: PRINCE ALBERT Nations (en)  (Prince Albert)
QU´APPELLE Nations of Treaty Four : QU´APPELLE Treaty  (Fort Qu´Apelle)Local: Chiefdoms of Treaty Four : QU´APPELLE Treaty (en)  (Fort Qu´Apelle)
SARCEES SARCEE Indian Band part of Treaty Seven Tribal Council : Tsuu T´ina Nation Indian Reserve  (Tsuu T´ina)Local: SARCEE Indian Band : Tsuu T´ina Nation Indian Reserve (en) + TSU T´INA (srs)  (Tsúùtínà)
SIKSIKA BLACKFEET Chiefdom of SIKSIKA Band part of Treaty Seven Tribal Council  (Siksika)Local: SIKSIKA Band (en) + SIKSIKÁWA (bla)  (Siksika)
SIX NATIONS Iroquois Grand Council of the SIX NATIONS Reserve  (Oshweken)Local: Iroquois Grand Council of the SIX NATIONS Reserve (en) + Hotinonsionni : HODINOSHONE (moh)  (Oshweken)
SOUTHEAST TREATY FOUR SOUTHEAST TREATY FOUR Tribal Council  (Carlyle + Whitewood)Local: SOUTHEAST TREATY FOUR Tribal Council (en)  (Carlyle + Whitewood)
SPIRITWOOD Nations of Treaty Six in SPIRITWOOD Region  (Spiritwood)Local: Chiefdoms of SPIRITWOOD Region (en)  (Spiritwood)
STONEY NAKODAS STONEY NAKODA Bands part of Treaty Seven Tribal Council  (Morley)Local: STONEY NAKODA Bands (en) + Isga iʔabi : ÎYÂRHE NAKODA (sto)  (Morley)
SUCKER CREEK CREES Cree Chiefdom of SUCKER CREEK Band under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Sucker Creek)Local: SUCKER CREEK Band  (Sucker Creek)
THUNDERCHILD CREES Cree Chiefdom of THUNDERCHILD Nation  (Turtleford)Local: Cree Chiefdom of THUNDERCHILD Nation  (Turtleford)
TOUCHWOOD Treaty Four TOUCHWOOD Indian Agency  (Poor Man)Local: TOUCHWOOD Indian Agency (en)  (Poor Man)
TREATY SEVEN TREATY SEVEN Tribal Council  (Siksika)Local: TREATY SEVEN Tribal Council (en)  (Siksika)
TREATY SIX NATIONS TREATY SIX Nations in Battleford Region  (Battleford)Local: TREATY SIX Nations (en)  (Battleford)
TREATY TEN NATIONS TREATY TEN Nations  (Meadow Lake)Local: TREATY TEN Nations  (Meadow Lake)
WHITEFISH LAKE ATIKAMEKS Atikamek Chiefdom of WHITEFISH LAKE under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Utikuma Lake)Local: Atikamek Chiefdom of WHITEFISH LAKE (en) + Atikameksheng ANISHNAWBEK (atj)  (Utikoomak Lake)
WILLIAM TWATT CREES Cree Chiefdom of WILLIAM TWATT Band : Sturgeon Lake Indian Reserve under Treaty Six Agreement  (Sturgeon Lake)Local: WILLIAM TWATT Band : Sturgeon Lake Indian Reserve  (Sturgeon Lake)
YELLOWKNIVES Chiefdom of YELLOWNIVES under Treaty Eight Agreement  (Yellowknife)Local: Chiefdom of YELLOWNIVES (en) + T´satsąot´ınę : T´ATSAOT´INE (dgr) + TATSAOTINE (chp)  (Yellowknife)

23 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

ALLIED POWERS Military Inter-Allied Commission of Control of the ALLIED ENTENTE POWERS  (Sevres)
ATCCT Advisory and Technical Committee for Communications and Transit : ATCCT  (Barcelona)
AVIATION International Legal Committee of AVIATION  (Paris)
BOUNDARY WATERS International Joint Commission : IJC  (Chicago + Sault Sainte Marie)
BRITISH DOMINIONS BRITISH DOMINIONS of the British Empire  (Westminster)
CTW Committee on the Traffic in Women and Children : CTW  (New York)
EFO Economic and Financial Organization of the League of Nations : EFO  (Brusells)
ELECTROTECHNICAL International Electrotechnical Commission : IEC  (London)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Paris)
GENOA AGREEMENT GENOA Economic Agreement on the Global Monetary Order  (Genoa)
HCR League of Nations High Commission for Refugees : HCR  (Berne)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION Inter-Parliamentary Union : IPU  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF NATIONS League of Nations Covenant : LON  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Paris)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PCIJ Permanent Court of International Justice : PCIJ  (The Hague)
PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)
REFRIGERATION International Institute of Refrigeration : IIR  (Paris)
TELEGRAPH International Telegraph Union : ITU  (Berne)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES International Bureau of Weights and Measures : IBWM  (Sevres)
WORLD BUSINESS International Chamber of Commerce : ICC [The Word Business Organization]  (Paris + Atlantic City)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

NEWFOUNDLAND British Dominion of NEWFOUNDLAND  (Saint John´s)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BENOIT MICMACS Micmac Chiefdom of BENOIT  (Saint George´s Bay)
LABRADOR Dependency of LABRADOR  (Goose Bay)
SVERDRUP ISLANDS SVERDRUP ISLANDS Group [Norwegian Claim]  (Ellef Ringnes Island)

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