Christmas Island 1942-MAR-31 - -   


Great Empire of JAPAN SYONAN Special Municipality [Japanese Occupation of Singapore]
(Tokyo) (Singapore)

Japan Military District of CHRISTMAS ISLAND

Flag or Logo since 1942-03-31
KURISUMASU-JIMA no Gun Kanku : クリスマス島の軍管区 (ja)
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Hirohito
(ruler of JAPAN since 1926-12-25)
Capitals & administrative places: The Settlement of Flying Fish Cove
(Furahingu Fuishiyu Kobu)
Official & national languages: Japanese (ja) .


CHRISTMAS ISLAND Japan Military District of CHRISTMAS ISLAND  (The Settlement of Flying Fish Cove)

1 Divisions:

CHRISTMAS ISLAND CHRISTMAS ISLAND District  (The Settlement of Flying Fish Cove)Local: Nihon-no KURISUMASU JIMA : クリスマス島 (ja)  (Furahingu Fuishiyu Kobu)

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