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North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO Alliance

Flag or Logo since 1953-11-09
North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO (en) + Organisation du Traité de l´Atlantique-Nord : OTAN (fr) Organisation
Emblem or Symbol

SG Paul-Henri Spaak (be)
(since 1957-05-16)
Capitals & administrative places: Paris
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .


NORTH ATLANTIC ALLIANCE North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO Alliance  (Paris)

Military entities abroad, special or locally shared:

AAFCE Allied Air Forces CENTRAL EUROPE  (Ramstein)Local: Allied Air Forces CENTRAL EUROPE (en) + Forces Aériennes Alliées de l´EUROPE CENTRALE (fr)  (Ramstein)
AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe : AFCENT  (Fontainebleau)Local: Allied Forces Central Europe : AFCENT (en) + Forces Alliées en Europe Centrale : AFCENT (fr)  (Fontainebleau)
AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe : AFNORTH  (Kolsaas)Local: Allied Forces Northern Europe : AFNORTH (en)  (Kolsås)
AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe : AFSOUTH  (Naples)Local: Allied Forces Southern Europe : AFSOUTH (en) + Forces Alliées en Europe Méridionale : AFSOUTH (fr)  (Napoli)
BADEN-SOELLINGEN Royal Canadian Air Forces BADEN-SOELLINGEN  (Baden-Soellingen)Local: Royal Canadian Air Forces BADEN-SOELLINGEN (en) + Forces aériennes royales canadiennes de BADEN-SOELLINGEN (fr)  (Baden-Soellingen)
CENTAG Nato Central Army Group : CENTAG  (Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg)Local: Nato Central Army Group : CENTAG (en)  (Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg)
IRAKLION STATION IRAKLION Air Station  (Iraklion Station)Local: IRAKLION Air Station (en)  (Iraklion Station)
LAJES FIELD American-Portuguese Lajes Air Base : LAJES FIELD  (Lajes Field)Local: LAJES Field (en) + Base Aérea das LAJES (pt)  (Lajes Field)
LANDSOUTHEAST Allied Land Forces Southeastern Europe : LANDSOUTHEAST  (Izmir Air Station)Local: Allied Land Forces Southeastern Europe : LANDSOUTHEAST (en)  (İzmir Hava İstasyonu)
NASKEF United States Naval Air Station Keflavik : NASKEF  (Keflavik Base)Local: United States Naval Air Station Keflavik : NASKEF (en)  (Keflavik Base)
NATO SCHOOL NATO School-Oberammergau  (Oberammergau)Local: NATO School-Oberammergau (en) + École de l´OTAN-Oberammergau (fr)  (Oberammergau)
SHAPE Allied Command Europe : Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe : SHAPE  (Rocquencourt)Local: Allied Command Europe : Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe : SHAPE (en) + Commandement Allié de l´Europe : Grand Quartier Général des Puissances Alliées en Europe : SHAPE (fr)  (Rocquencourt)
THULE THULE Air Base  (Pituffik)Local: THULE Air Base (en)  (Pituffik)
VAERNES VAERNES Air Station  (Vaernes)Local: VÆRNES Flystasjon (nb) + VÆRNES Flystasjon (nn)  (Værnes)
ZARAGOZA BASE ZARAGOZA Air Base  (Zaragoza Air Base)Local: ZARAGOZA Air Base (en) + Base Aérea de ZARAGOZA (es)  (Base Aérea de Zaragoza)

15 Members (excluding the associate or suspended members but including the countries represented on their behalf)   [The rulers are not necessarily the representatives in the organisation. ] :

BELGIUM (Brussels) King Baudoin I
CANADA (Ottawa) Queen Elizabeth II
WEST GERMANY (Bonn ar + Karlsruhe d) Bundespresident Theodor Heuss
DENMARK (Copenhagen) King Frederick IX
FRANCE (Paris) President Charles de Gaulle
GREECE (Athens a) King Paul I
ICELAND (Reykjavik a + Alftanes r) President Asgeir Asgeirsson
ITALY (Rome a) President Giovanni Gronchi
LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg a) Grand Duchess Charlotte
NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam a + The Hague jlr + Wassenaar r) Queen Juliana
NORWAY (Oslo) King Olav V
PORTUGAL (Lisbon) President Americo Thomaz
TURKEY (Ankara a) President Celal Bayar
UNITED KINGDOM (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) Queen Elizabeth II
AMERICA (Washington-District of Columbia) President Dwight David Eisenhower

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