North Korea 1948-AUG-15 - -   


NORTH KOREA (Pyongyang a Provisional People´s Committee for NORTH KOREA : Kim Tu-Bong
SOUTH KOREA (Seoul aDe facto Independent Republic of Korea : ROK [Great Han Republic] : President Syngman Rhee

Other Entities with similar names

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics : USSR
(Moscow a + Sochi s)

Provisional People´s Committee for NORTH KOREA

Flag or Logo since 1948-07-10
PUK-CHOSON Limsiinmin-Wiwonhoe : 북조선림시인민위원회 (ko) + Vremenny Narodny Komitet SEVERNOH KOREI : Временный Народный Комитет СЕВЕРНОЙ КОРЕИ (ru)
Emblem or Symbol

Joseph Stalin
(ruler of SOVIET UNION since 1922-04-03)
Capitals & administrative places: Pyongyang a
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
Official & national languages: Korean (ko) . Russian (ru) .


NORTH KOREA Provisional People´s Committee for NORTH KOREA  (Pyongyang)

6 Divisions:

HWANGHAE HWANGHAE Province  (Haeju)Local: HWANGHAE-to : 황해도 (ko)  (Haeju)
KANGWON KANGWON Province  (Wonsan)Local: KANGWŎN-to : 강원도 (ko)  (Wŏnsan)
NORTH HAMGYONG NORTH HAMGYONG Province  (Nanam)Local: HAMGYŎNG-PUK-to : 함경북도 (ko)  (Nanam)
NORTH PYONGAN NORTH PYONGAN Province  (Sinuiju)Local: P´YŎNGAN-PUK-to : 평안북도 (ko)  (Sinŭiju)
SOUTH HAMGYONG SOUTH HAMGYONG Province  (Hamhung)Local: HAMGYŎNG-NAM-to : 함경남도 (ko)  (Hamhŭng)
SOUTH PYONGAN SOUTH PYONGAN Province  (Pyongyang)Local: P´YŎNGAN-NAM-to : 평안남도 (ko)  (P´yŏngyang)

1 Territory:

PYONGYANG Directly Governed City of PYONGYANG  (Pyongyang)Local: P´YŎNGYANG-Chikhalsi : 평양직할시 (ko)  (P´yŏngyang)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:


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