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KOREA ((Seoul)) RebellionDe facto Semi-Independent People´s Committees of the Provisional Government of the KOREAN People´s Republic : President Syngman Rhee
NORTH KOREA (Pyongyang a Soviet Union Occupied Territory of NORTH KOREA :
CHOSEN (Seoul a Government-General of KOREA :

Other Entities with similar names

JAPAN  AMERICA  Empire of JAPAN [Allied Occupation]
(Tokyo) - (Washington-District of Columbia) - (Tokyo)

Government-General of KOREA

Flag or Logo since 1910-08-29
CHŎSEN-Sōtoku : 朝鮮総督 (ja)
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Hirohito
(ruler of JAPAN since 1926-12-25)

President Harry Truman
(ruler of AMERICA since 1945-04-12)
Capitals & administrative places: Seoul a
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
Official & national languages: Japanese (ja) .


CHOSEN Japanese Government-General of KOREA  (Seoul)

8 Divisions:

KANGWON KANGWON Province  (Chunchon)Local: KANGWŎN-to : 강원도 (ko) + Ehara-do : KOGEN-do – こうげんどう (ja) + KANGWŎN-to : 강원도 (ko)  (Ch´unch´ŏn)
KYONGGI KYONGGI Province  (Seoul)Local: KYŎNGGI-to : 경기도 (ko) + KEIKI-michi : 京畿道 (ja)  (Keijō)
NORTH CHOLLA NORTH CHOLLA Province  (Chonju)Local: CHÖLLA-BUK-to : 전라북도 (ko) + ZENRA HOKU-do : 全羅北道 (ja)  (Chŏnju)
NORTH CHUNGCHONG NORTH CHUNGCHONG Province  (Chongju)Local: CH´UNGCH´ŎNG-BUK-to : 충청북도 (ko) + CHUSEI HOKU-do : 忠清北道 (ja)  (Ch´ŏngju)
NORTH KYONGSANG NORTH KYONGSANG Province  (Taegu)Local: KYŎNGSANG-BUK-to : 경상북도 (ko) + KEISHO HOKU-do : 慶尚北道 (ja)  (Taegu)
SOUTH CHOLLA SOUTH CHOLLA Province  (Kwangju)Local: CHÖLLA-NAM-to : 전라남도 (ko) + ZENRA NAN-do : 全羅南道 (ja)  (Kwangju)
SOUTH CHUNGCHONG SOUTH CHUNGCHONG Province  (Taejon)Local: CH´UNGCH´ŎNG-NAM-to : 충청남도 (ko) + CHUSEI NAN-do : 忠清南道 (ja)  (Taejŏn)
SOUTH KYONGSANG SOUTH KYONGSANG Province  (Pusan)Local: KYŎNGSANG-NAM-to : 경상남도 (ko) + KEISHO NAN-do : 慶尚南道 (ja)  (Pusan)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

KOREA People´s Committees of the Provisional Government of the KOREAN People´s Republic  ((Seoul))

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

HWANGHAE HWANGHAE Province  (Ongjin)
LIANCOURT ROCKS LIANCOURT ROCKS Group [Bamboo Island]  (Otoko-Jima)

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