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MACAO Chinese Territory administered by Portugal

Flag or Logo since 1975-01-01
Território Chinês de MACAU (pt) + AOMEN Zhongguo Lingtu : 澳门 中国 领土 (zh) + OUMUN : 澳門 (yue)w
Emblem or Symbol

Deng Xiaoping the Little Helmsman
(ruler of CHINA since 1978-12-22)

President Antonio Ramalho Eanes
(ruler of PORTUGAL since 1976-07-14)
Capitals & administrative places: Macao
Official & national languages: Portuguese (pt) . Cantonese Chinese (yue) . Chinese (zh) .
w recognized, diplomatic or working language at national level


MACAO MACAO Chinese Territory administered by Portugal  (Macao)

2 Divisions:

ISLANDS Municipality of the ISLANDS  (Tai Pai + Colowan)Local: Concelho das ILHAS (pt) + HAIDAO Shi : 海岛市 (zh) + HAIDAO Shi : 海岛市 (yue)  (Taipa + Coloane)
MACAO MACAO Municipality  (Macao)Local: Concelho de MACAU (pt) + AOMEN Shi : 澳门市 (zh) + OUMUN Shi : 澳門 (yue)  (Macau)

2 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)
IMF International Monetary Fund : IMF Specialized Agency  (Washington-District of Columbia)

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