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Islamic Republic of Mauritania : IRM

Islamic Republic of Mauritania : IRM

Flag or Logo since 1959-03-22
Al-Jumhūriyyah al-Islāmiyyah al-MŪRĪTĀNIYYAH : الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية (ar) + République islamique de MAURITANIE (fr) De facto Independent
Emblem or Symbol

President Moktar Ould Daddah
(ruler of MAURITANIA since 1958-11-28)
Capitals & administrative places: Nouakchott
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) . French (fr) .


MAURITANIA Islamic Republic of Mauritania : IRM  (Nouakchott)

12 Divisions:

ADRER ADRAR Province  (Atar)Local: Wilayat ADARAR : ولاية آدرار (ar) + Province de l´ADRAR (fr)  (Atar)
ASSABA ASSABA Province  (Kiffa)Local: Wilaya EL-´AÇABA : ولاية العصابة (ar) + Province de l´ASSABA (fr)  (Kîfa)
BRAKNA BRAKNA Province  (Aleg)Local: Wilayat AL-BRAKNA : ولاية البراكنة (ar) + Province de BRAKNA (fr)  (Aleg)
EASTERN HODH EASTERN HODH Province  (Nema)Local: Wilayah EL-HODH ECH-CHARGUI : ولاية الحوض الشرقي (ar) + Province du HODH ECH CHARGUI (fr)  (Néma)
GORGOL GORGOL Province  (Kaedi)Local: Wilayah KARKUL : ولاية كركول (ar) + Province du GORGOL (fr)  (Kaédi)
GUIDIMAKA GUIDIMAKA Province  (Selibaby)Local: Wilayah GUIDIMAKHA : ولاية كيدي ماغة (ar) + Province de GUIDIMAKA (fr)  (Sélibabi)
INCHIRI INCHIRI Province  (Akjoujt)Local: Wilayah INCHIRI : ولاية إينشيري (ar) + Province d´INCHIRI (fr)  (Akjoujt)
LEVRIER BAY LEVRIER BAY Province  (Nouadhibou)Local: Wilayah KHALIJ KALAB : ولاية خليج كلب (ar) + Province de la BAIE DU LÉVRIER (fr)  (Nuwâdhibu)
NOUAKCHOTT NOUAKCHOTT Province  (Nouakchott)Local: Wilayah NUWAKSHUT : ولاية نواكشوط (ar) + Province de NOUAKCHOTT (fr)  (Nuwakshut)
TAGANT TAGANT Province  (Tijikja)Local: Wilayat TAGANT : ولاية تكانت (ar) + Province de TAGANT (fr)  (Tidjikdja)
TRARZA TRARZA Province  (Rosso)Local: Wilayat AT-TARARIZA : ولاية الترارزة (ar) + Province de TRARZA (fr)  (Rosso)
WESTERN HODH WESTERN HODH Province  (Aiun El-Atruss)Local: Wilayah EL-HODH EL-GHARBI : ولاية الحوض الغربي (ar) + Province du HODH EL GHARBI (fr)  (Aïoun El-Atrouss)

4 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

ARAB UNITY Council of Arab Economic Unity : CAEU  (Cairo)
ASECNA Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar : ASECNA  (Paris)
BRAZZAVILLE GROUP BRAZZAVILLE GROUP of French-Speaking States  (Brazzaville)
SUBSAHARAN AFRICA Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa South of the Sahara: CTCA  (Westminster)

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