Philippines 1945-AUG-17 - -   


HUKBALAHAP (Bawit) Rebellion Communist Party of Philippines : HUKBALAHAP : Luis Taruc
PHILIPPINES (Manila a + Baguio City sDe facto Semi-Independent Commonwealth of the PHILIPPINES : President Sergio Osmena
NEW PHILIPPINES (Kiangan)  Japanese Military Occupied Territory of PHILIPPINES :

Other Entities with similar names

(Manila a + Baguio City s) - (Washington-District of Columbia) -

Commonwealth of the PHILIPPINES

Flag or logo since 1945-08-17*
Commonwealth of the PHILIPPINES (en) + Komonwelt ng PILIPINAS (tl) De facto Semi-Independent
Emblem or Symbol*

President Sergio Osmena
(ruler of PHILIPPINES since 1944-08-01)

President Harry Truman
(ruler of AMERICA since 1945-04-12)
Capitals & administrative places*: Manila a + Baguio City s
(Manila + Lungsod ng Baguio)
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
r summer capital
Official & national languages: English (en) . Tagalog (tl) .


PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINE Commonwealth  (Manila + Baguio City)

40 Divisions:

ABRA Province of ABRA  (Bangued)Local: Province of ABRA (en) + Provincia de ABRA (es) + Lalawigan ng ABRA (tl)  (Bangued)
AGUSAN Province of AGUSAN  (Butuan)Local: Province of AGUSAN (en) + Provincia de AGUSAN (es) + Lalawigan ng AGUSAN (tl)  (Butuan)
ALBAY Province of ALBAY  (Legaspi)Local: Province of ALBAY (en) + Provincia de ALBAY (es) + Lalawigan ng ALBAY (tl)  (Legaspi)
ANTIQUE Province of ANTIQUE  (San Jose de Buenavista)Local: Province of ANTIQUE (en) + Provincia de ANTIQUE (es) + Lalawigan ng ANTIKUE (tl)  (San Jose de Buenavista)
BATAAN Province of BATAAN  (Balanga)Local: Province of BATAAN (en) + Provincia de BATAÁN (es) + Lalawigan ng BATAAN (tl)  (Balanga)
BATANES Province of BATANES  (Basco)Local: Province of BATANES (en) + Provincia de BATANES (es) + Lalawigan ng BATANES (tl)  (Basco)
BATANGAS Province of BATANGAS  (Batangas)Local: Province of BATANGAS (en) + Provincia de BATANGAS (es) + Lalawigan ng BATANGAS (tl)  (Batangas)
BOHOL Province of BOHOL  (Tagbilaran)Local: Province of BOHOL (en) + Provincia de BOHOL (es) + Lalawigan ng BOHOL (tl)  (Tagbilaran)
BULACAN Province of BULACAN  (Malolos)Local: Province of BULACAN (en) + Provincia de BULACÁN (es) + Lalawigan ng BULAKAN (tl)  (Malolos)
CAGAYAN Province of CAGAYAN  (Tuguegarao)Local: Province of CAGAYAN (en) + Provincia de CAGAYÁN (es) + Lalawigan ng KAHAYAN (tl)  (Tuguegarao)
CAMARINES NORTH Province of CAMARINES NORTE [Province of Camarines North]  (Daet)Local: Province of CAMARINES NORTE (en) + Provincia de CAMARINES NORTE (es) + Lalawigan ng HILAGANG KAMARINES (tl)  (Daet)
CAMARINES SOUTH Province of CAMARINES SUR [Province of Camarines South]  (Naga)Local: Province of CAMARINES SUR (en) + Provincia de CAMARINES SUR (es) + Lalawigan ng TIMOG KAMARINES (tl)  (Naga)
CAPIZ Province of CAPIZ  (Capiz)Local: Province of CAPIZ (en) + Provincia de CÁPIZ (es) + Lalawigan ng KAPIS (tl)  (Capiz)
CAVITE Province of CAVITE  (Cavite City)Local: Province of CAVITE (en) + Provincia de CAVITE (es) + Lalawigan ng KABITE (tl)  (City of Cavite)
CEBU Province of CEBU  (Cebu City)Local: Province of CEBU (en) + Provincia de CEBÚ (es) + Lalawigan ng SEBU (tl)  (City of Cebu)
ILOCOS NORTH Province of ILOCOS NORTE [Province of Ilocos North]  (Laoag)Local: Province of ILOCOS NORTE (en) + Provincia de ILOCOS NORTE (es) + Lalawigan ng HILAGANG ILOKOS (tl)  (Laoag)
ILOCOS SOUTH Province of ILOCOS SUR [Province of Ilocos South]  (Vigan + Cervantes)Local: Province of ILOCOS SUR (en) + Provincia de ILOCOS SUR (es) + Lalawigan ng TIMOG ILOKOS (tl)  (Vigan + Cervantes)
ILOILO Province of ILOILO  (Iloilo City)Local: Province of ILOILO (en) + Provincia de ILOÍLO (es) + Lalawigan ng ILOILO (tl)  (City of Iloilo)
ISABELA Province of ISABELA  (Ilagan)Local: Province of ISABELA (en) + Provincia de ISABELA (es) + Lalawigan ng ISABELA (tl)  (Ilagan)
LA UNION Province of LA UNION  (San Fernando)Local: Province of LA UNION (en) + Provincia de LA UNIÓN (es) + Lalawigan ng LA UNION (tl)  (San Fernando)
LAGUNA Province of LAGUNA  (Santa Cruz)Local: Province of LAGUNA (en) + Lalawigan ng LAGUNA (tl)  (Santa Cruz)
LEYTE Province of LEYTE  (Tacloban)Local: Province of LEYTE (en) + Provincia de LEYTE (es) + Lalawigan ng LEYTE (tl)  (Tacloban)
MARINDUQUE Province of MARINDUQUE  (Boac)Local: Province of MARINDUQUE (en) + Provincia de MARINDUQUE (es) + Lalawigan ng MARINDUQUE (tl)  (Boac)
MASBATE Province of MASBATE  (Masbate)Local: Province of MASBATE (en) + Provincia de MASBATE (es) + Lalawigan ng MASBATE (tl)  (Masbate)
MINDORO Province of MINDORO  (Calapan)Local: Province of MINDORO (en) + Lalawigan ng MINDORO (tl) + Provincia de MINDORO (es)  (Calapan)
MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN Province  (Bontoc)Local: MOUNTAIN Province (en) + Lalawigang BULUBUNDUKIN (tl)  (Bontoc)
NEW BISCAY Province of NUEVA VIZCAYA [Province of New Biscay]  (Bayombong)Local: Province of NUEVA VIZCAYA (en) + Provincia de NUEVA VIZCAYA (es) + Lalawigan ng BAGONG BISKAYA (tl)  (Bayombong)
NEW ECIJA Province of NUEVA ECIJA [Province of New Ecija]  (Cabanatuan)Local: Province of NUEVA ECIJA (en) + Provincia de NUEVA ÉCIJA (es) + Lalawigan ng NUEVA ÉCIJA (tl)  (Cabanatuan)
OCCIDENTAL NEGROS Province of OCCIDENTAL NEGROS [Province of Western Negros]  (Bacolod City)Local: Province of NEGROS OCCIDENTAL (en) + Lalawigan ng NEGROS OCCIDENTAL (tl)  (City of Bacolod)
ORIENTAL NEGROS Province of ORIENTAL NEGROS [Province of Eastern Negros]  (Dumaguete)Local: Province of NEGROS ORIENTAL (en) + Provincia de NEGROS ORIENTAL (es) + Lalawigan ng SILANGANG NEGROS (tl)  (Dumaguete)
PALAWAN Province of PALAWAN  (Puerto Princesa)Local: Province of PALAWAN (en) + Provincia de LA PARAGUA (es) + Lalawigan ng PALAWAN (tl)  (Puerto Princesa)
PAMPANGA Province of PAMPANGA  (San Fernando)Local: Province of PAMPANGA (en) + Provincia de PAMPANGA (es) + Lalawigan ng PAMPANGA (tl)  (San Fernando)
PANGASINAN Province of PANGASINAN  (Lingayen)Local: Province of PANGASINAN (en) + Provincia de PANGASINÁN (es) + Lalawigan ng PANGASINAN (tl)  (Lingayen)
RIZAL Province of RIZAL  (Manila)Local: Province of RIZAL (en) + Provincia de RIZAL (es) + Lalawigan ng RIZAL (tl)  (Manila)
SAMAR Province of SAMAR  (Catbalogan)Local: Province of SAMAR (en) + Provincia de SÁMAR (es) + Lalawigan ng SAMAR (tl)  (Catbalogan)
SORSOGON Province of SORSOGON  (Sorsogon)Local: Province of SORSOGON (en) + Provincia de SORSOGÓN (es) + Lalawigan ng SORSOGON (tl)  (Sorsogon)
SURIGAO Province of SURIGAO  (Surigao)Local: Province of SURIGAO (en) + Provincia de SURIGAO (es) + Lalawigan ng SURIGAO (tl)  (Surigao)
TARLAC Province of TARLAC  (Tarlac)Local: Province of TARLAC (en) + Provincia de TARLAC (es) + Lalawigan ng TARLAC (tl)  (Tarlac)
TAYABAS Province of TAYABAS  (Lucena)Local: Province of TAYABAS (en) + Provincia de TAYABAS (es) + Lalawigan ng TAYABAS (tl)  (Lucena)
ZAMBALES Province of ZAMBALES  (Iba)Local: Province of ZAMBALES (en) + Provincia de ZAMBALES (es) + Lalawigan ng ZAMBALES (tl)  (Iba)

2 Territories:

MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS Harbor Defenses of MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS  (Fort Mills on Corregidor)Local: Harbor Defenses of MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS (en)  (Fort Mills on Corregidor)
MORO LANDS Commission for Mindanao and Sulu : Administration of MORO LANDS  (Zamboanga City)Local: Commission for Mindanao and Sulu : Administration of MORO LANDS (en) + Komisyon para sa Mindanao at Sulu : BANGSAMORO (tl)  (City of Zamboanga)

Military entity abroad, special or locally shared:

MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS Harbor Defenses of MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS  (Fort Mills on Corregidor)Local: Harbor Defenses of MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS (en)  (Fort Mills on Corregidor)

10 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

ALLIED POWERS Military Defence Pact of the ALLIED POWERS  (Washington-District of Columbia)
ECUMENISM Provisional Committee of the World Council of Churches : WCC  (Geneva)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PICAO Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization : PICAO Specialized Agency  (Montreal)
TELECOMMUNICATION International Telecommunication Union : ITU  (Berne)
UNCIO United Nations Conference on International Organization : UNCIO  (San Francisco)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration : UNRRA  (Washington-District of Columbia)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

HUKBALAHAP Communist Party of Philippines : HUKBALAHAP  (Bawit)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CLARK CLARK Air Force Base  (Clark)
FORT WILLIAM MCKINLEY United States Military Reservation of FORT WILLIAM MCKINLEY  (Fort William McKinley)
HUMANITY Japanese Occupied Kingdom of HUMANITY  (Songhrati)
MORAC-SONGHRATI-MEADS Japanese Occupied Republic of MORAC-SONGHRATI-MEADS  (Morac-Songhrati-Meads)
NEW PHILIPPINES Japanese Military Occupied Territory of PHILIPPINES  (Kiangan)

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