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POLAND (Warsaw aUNO Member People´s Republic of Poland : PRP : Wladyslaw Gomulka
POLAND-IN-EXILE (London xExile Government-in-Exile of the Republic of POLAND : President August Zaleski

Other Entities with similar names

People´s Republic of Poland : PRP
(Warsaw a)

People´s Republic of Poland : PRP

Flag or Logo since 1955-12-07
Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa : PRL (pl) UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

Wladyslaw Gomulka
(ruler of POLAND since 1956-10-21)
Capitals & administrative places: Warsaw a
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
Official & national languages: Polish (pl) .


POLAND POLISH People´s Republic  (Warsaw)

21 Divisions:

BIALYSTOK BIALYSTOK Voivodeship  (Bialystok)Local: Województwo BIAŁOSTOCKIE (pl)  (Białystok)
BYDGOSZCZ BYDGOSZCZ Voivodeship  (Bydgoszcz)Local: Województwo BYDGOSKIE (pl)  (Bydgoszcz)
CRACOW CRACOW Voivodeship  ((Cracow))Local: Województwo KRAKOWSKIE (pl)  ((Kraków))
CRACOW CITY CRACOW CITY Voivodeship  (Cracow)Local: Miasto KRAKÓW (pl)  (Kraków)
GDANSK DANZIG Voivodeship  (Danzig)Local: Województwo GDAŃSKIE (pl)  (Gdańsk)
KATOWICE KATOWICE Voivodeship  (Katowice)Local: Województwo KATOWICKIE (pl)  (Katowice)
KIELCE KIELCE Voivodeship  (Kielce)Local: Województwo KIELECKIE (pl)  (Kielce)
KOSZALIN KOSZALIN Voivodeship  (Koszalin)Local: Województwo KOSZALIŃSKIE (pl)  (Koszalin)
LODZ LODZ Voivodeship  (Lodz)Local: Województwo ŁÓDZKIE (pl)  (Łódź)
LUBLIN LUBLIN Voivodeship  (Lublin)Local: Wojewodztwo LUBELSKIE (pl)  (Lublin)
OLSZTYN OLSZTYN Voivodeship  (Olsztyn)Local: Województwo OLSZTYŃSKIE (pl)  (Olsztyn)
OPOLE OPOLE Voivodeship  (Opole)Local: Województwo OPOLSKIE (pl)  (Opole)
POZNAN POZNAN Voivodeship  ((Poznan))Local: Województwo POZNAŃSKIE (pl)  ((Poznań))
POZNAN CITY POZNAN CITY Voivodeship  (Poznan)Local: Miasto POZNAŃ (pl)  (Poznań)
RZESZOW RZESZOW Voivodeship  (Rzeszow)Local: Województwo RZESZOWSKIE (pl)  (Rzeszów)
SZCZECIN SZCZECIN Voivodeship  (Szczecin)Local: Województwo SZCZECIŃSKIE (pl)  (Szczecin)
WARSAW WARSAW Voivodeship  ((Warsaw))Local: Województwo WARSZAWSKIE (pl)  ((Warszawa))
WARSAW CITY Capital City of WARSAW Voivodeship  (Warsaw)Local: Miasto Stołeczne WARSZAWA (pl)  (Warszawa)
WROCLAW WROCLAW Voivodeship  ((Wroclaw))Local: Województwo WROCŁAWSKIE (pl)  ((Wrocław))
WROCLAW CITY WROCLAW CITY Voivodeship  (Wroclaw)Local: Miasto WROCŁAW (pl)  (Wrocław)
ZIELONA GORA ZIELONA GORA Voivodeship  (Zielona Gora)Local: Województwo ZIELONOGÓRSKIE (pl)  (Zielona Góra)

37 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

AIR SPORTS World Air Sports Federation : WASF  (Lausanne)
ANTARCTICA Antarctic Treaty System : ATS  ((Washington-District of Columbia))
CENTRAL BANK Bank for International Settlements : BIS  (Basle)
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance : CMEA  (Moscow)
ENCD Eighteen Nation Committee on Disarmament : ENCD  (Geneva)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations : FAO Specialized Agency  (Rome)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)
GYPSIES World Gypsy Community : WGC  (Paris)
HAGUE CONVENTION Permanent Court of Arbitration : PCA  (The Hague)
HYDROGRAPHY International Hydrographic Bureau : IHB  (Monaco)
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency : IAEA Specialized Agency  (Vienna)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization : ICAO Specialized Agency  (Montreal)
ICJ International Court of Justice : ICJ  (The Hague)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
IMCO Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization : IMCO Specialized Agency  (London)
INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION Inter-Parliamentary Union : IPU  (Geneva)
ISO International Organization for Standardization : ISO  (Geneva)
ITU International Telecommunication Union : ITU Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature : IUCN  (Brussels)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Geneva)
NORTHWEST ATLANTIC FISHERIES Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization : NAFO  (Dartmouth)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PEACE World Peace Council : WPC  (Moscow)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
REFRIGERATION International Institute of Refrigeration : IIR  (Paris)
UNESCO United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization : UNESCO Specialized Agency  (Paris)
UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees : UNHCR Agency  (Geneva)
UNICEF United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund : UNICEF Specialized Agency  (New York)
UNITED NATIONS United Nations Organization : UNO  (New York)
UPU Universal Postal Union : UPU Specialized Agency  (Berne)
WARSAW PACT Warsaw Treaty on Friendship Cooperation and Mutual Assistance : WARSAW TREATY Organization  (Moscow)
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES International Bureau of Weights and Measures : IBWM  (Sevres)
WFP Temporary United Nations World Food Programme : WFP  (Rome)
WHO World Health Organization : WHO Specialized Agency  (Pregny-Chambesy)
WMO World Meteorological Organization : WMO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
WORLD TOURISM International Union of Official Travel Organizations : IUOTO  (Geneva)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

NORTHERN GROUP Northern Group of Forces : NGF  (Legnica)

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