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ATLANTIC (Funchal) Rebellion ATLANTIC Republic : Gastao de Sousa Dias
PORTUGAL (Lisbon) SDN Member Portuguese Republic : PORTUGAL [Portuguese Empire] : President Oscar Carmona

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Flag or logo since 1927-02-03*
República da ATLÂNTIDA (pt) RebellionDe facto Independent
Emblem or Symbol*

Gastao de Sousa Dias
(ruler of ATLANTIC since 1931-04-04)
Capitals & administrative places*: Funchal
Official & national languages: Portuguese (pt) .


ATLANTIC ATLANTIC Republic  (Funchal)

3 Divisions:

AZORES Districts of AZORES  (Ponta Delgada)Local: Distritos dos AÇORES (pt)  (Ponta Delgada)
MADEIRA MADEIRA District  (Funchal)Local: Distrito da MADEIRA (pt)  (Funchal)
PORTUGUESE GUINEA Colony of PORTUGUESE GUINEA  (Bolama)Local: Colônia da GUINÉ PORTUGUESA (pt)  (Bolama)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

PORTUGAL Portuguese Republic : PORTUGAL [Portuguese Empire]  (Lisbon)

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