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Great Empire of JAPAN [Regency]

Government-General of TAIWAN
[Colonial Government of Formosa]

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
TAIWAN Sōtoku : 臺灣總 (ja)
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Yoshihito
(ruler of JAPAN since 1912-07-30)
Capitals & administrative places: Taipeh
Official & national languages: Japanese (ja) .

8 Territories:

HOKO Lower Prefecture of HOKO [Prefecture of the Pescadores]  (Makeng)Local: HŌKO-Chō : 澎湖廳 – ほうこちょう (ja)  (Makō)
KARENKO KARENKO Lower Prefecture : Hualien Harbor Prefecture  (Hualien Harbor)Local: KARENKŌ-Chō : 花蓮港廳 – かれんこうちょう (ja)  (Karenkō)
SHINCHIKU SHINCHIKU Province : Hsinchu Prefecture  (Hsinchu)Local: SHINCHIKU-Shū : 新竹州 – しんちくしゅう (ja)  (Shinchiku)
TAICHU TAICHU Province : Taichung Prefecture  (Taichung)Local: TAICHŪ-Shū : 臺中州 – たいちゅうしゅう (ja)  (Taichū)
TAIHOKU TAIHOKU Province : Taipeh Prefecture  (Taipeh)Local: TAIHOKU-Shū : 臺北州 – たいほくしゅう (ja)  (Taihoku)
TAINAN TAINAN Province : Tainan Prefecture  (Tainan)Local: TAINAN-Shū : 臺南州 – たいなんしゅう (ja)  (Tainan)
TAITO TAITO Lower Prefecture : Taitung Prefecture  (Taitung)Local: TAITŌ-Chō : 臺東廳 – たいとうちょう (ja)  (Taitō)
TAKAO TAKAO Province : Kaohsiung Prefecture  (Takao)Local: TAKAO-Shū : 高雄州 – たかおしゅう (ja)  (Takao)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CHINA-CANTON National Government of the Republic of CHINA [Kwangchow Nationalist Government of the Kuomintang Clique]  (Canton)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

MATSU ISLANDS MATSU ISLANDS Archipelago [part of Lienkiang County]  (Nankan)

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