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CHINA (Beijing) UNO Member People´s Republic of China : PRC : Hu Jintao
CHINA-TAIPEI (Taipei aEx UNO Member Republic of China : ROC [Kuomintang Nationalist Government] : President Ma Ying-Jeou

Other Entities with similar names

Republic of China : ROC [Kuomintang Nationalist Government]
(Taipei a)

Republic of China : ROC
[Kuomintang Nationalist Government]

Flag or Logo since 1921-05-05
ZHŌNGHUÁ Mínguó : 中華民國 (zh) Ex UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Ma Ying-Jeou
(ruler of CHINA-TAIPEI since 2008-05-20)
Capitals & administrative places: Taipei a
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
Official & national languages: Chinese (zh) .


CHINESE TAIPEI Republic of China : ROC  (Taipei)

4 Regionalized Divisions:

FUKIEN Province of FUKIEN [Fukien Provincial Government-in-Exile in Quemoy and Matsu Islands]  (Jinsheng)Local: FUJIAN Sheng : 福建盛 (zh)  (Jinsheng)
KAOHSIUNG KAOHSIUNG Special Municipality  (Kaohsiung)Local: GAOXIONG Shi : 高雄市 (zh)  (Gaoxiong)
TAIPEI TAIPEI Special Municipality  (Taipei)Local: TAIBEI Shi : 臺北市 (zh)  (Taibei)
TAIWAN Province of TAIWAN [Taiwan Provincial Government]  (Zhongxing New Village)Local: TAIWAN Sheng : 臺灣省 (zh)  (Zhongxing Xin Cun)

1 Government or Movement in Exile

FUKIEN Province of FUKIEN [Fukien Provincial Government-in-Exile in Quemoy and Matsu Islands]  (Jinsheng) Hsueh Hsiang-Chuan

15 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

AIR SPORTS World Air Sports Federation : WASF  (Lausanne)
ASIA-PACIFIC Secretariat of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation : APEC  (Singapore)
ASIAN BANK Asian Development Bank : ADB  (Mandaluyong City)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
SOUTHERN BLUEFIN TUNA Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna : CCSBT  (Canberra)
TAIWAN AREA Taiwan Relations Act : TRA  (Taipei)
TROPICAL TUNA Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission : IATTC  (San Diego-La Jolla)
UNOOSA Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies : OUTER SPACE Treaty  (Vienna)
UNREPRESENTED NATIONS AND PEOPLES Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization : UNPO  (The Hague)
UPU Universal Postal Union : UPU Specialized Agency  (Berne)
WESTERN AND CENTRAL PACIFIC OCEAN FISHERIES Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean : Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission : WCPFC  (Kolonia on Ponape)
WORLD BUSINESS International Chamber of Commerce : ICC [The Word Business Organization]  (Paris)
WORLD TRADE World Trade Organization : WTO  (Geneva)
WORLD TRADE LAW Advisory Centre on World Trade Organization Law : ACWL  (Geneva)

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