Southern Yemen 1994-JUL-08 - -   


Republic of YEMEN [Presidential Council]

Governorates of SOUTHERN YEMEN

Flag or Logo since 1994-07-08
Muhafazah YAMAN AL-JANUB : محافظات جنوب اليمن (ar)
Emblem or Symbol

President Ali Abdullah Saleh
(ruler of YEMEN since 1978-07-18)
Capitals & administrative places: Aden
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) .



7 Divisions:

ABYAN ABYAN Governorate  (Zinjibar)Local: Muhafazah ABYAN : محافظة أبين (ar)  (Zingibar)
ADEN ADEN Governorate  (Aden)Local: Muhafazah ´ADAN : محافظة عدن (ar)  (´Adan)
HADRAMAUT HADRAMAUT Governorate  (Mukalla)Local: Muhafazah HADHRAMAWT : محافظات حضرموت‎ (ar)  (Al-Mukalla)
HUSSEIN HUSSEIN Directorate  (Dhubi)Local: Mudiriyah AL-HUSSEIN  (Zabi)
LAHEJ LAHEJ Governorate  (Houta-Lahej The Green)Local: Muhafazah LAHIJ : محافظة لحج (ar)  (Al-Hawtah Lahij Al-Khathra)
MAHRA MAHRA Governorate  (Ghayda)Local: Muhafazah AL-MAHARAH : محافظة المهرة (ar)  (Al-Ghaydah)
SHABWA SHABWA Governorate  (Ataq)Local: Muhafazah SHABWAH : محافظة شبوة (ar)  (´Ataq)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

YEMEN Republic of YEMEN [Presidential Council]  (Sanaa)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

HAMZA LINE ZONE Demilitarized Zone of HAMZA LINE  (Hamza)
HANISH Disputed Islands of HANISH  (Hanish Al-Kebir)
HAYCOCK ISLANDS Southwestern Hanish Islets : HAYCOCK ISLANDS  (Haycock)

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