China 1917-JUL-01 - -   


KUOMINTANG (Canton) Rebellion Chinese Nationalist Party : CNP [Kuomintang Clique] : Sun Yat-Sen
CHINA (Peking) PCA Member Great Manchu Empire of CHINA : Emperor Pu-Yi

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Great Manchu Empire of CHINA

Great Manchu Empire of CHINA

Flag or Logo since 1917-07-01
TA CH´ING Ti-Kuo : 大清帝国 (zh) + DAICING Gurun : ᡩᠠᡳ᠌ᠴᡳᠩ ᡤᡠᡵᡠᠨ (mnc) PCA Member
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Pu-Yi
(ruler of CHINA since 1917-07-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Peking
Official & national languages: