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NORTH BORNEO-IN-EXILE (Samarinda) Exile NORTH BORNEO Federation-in-Exile : Sheikh Azahari bin Sheikh Mahmud
BRUNEI (Brunei Town) De facto Semi-Independent Autonomous State of BRUNEI [British Protected State] : Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Other Entities with similar names

(Brunei Town) - (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) -

Autonomous State of BRUNEI
[British Protected State]

Flag or Logo since 1959-09-29
State of BRUNEI (en) + Negeri BRUNEI : نڬارا بروني (kxd) De facto Semi-Independent
Emblem or Symbol

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
(ruler of BRUNEI since 1967-10-04)

Queen Elizabeth II
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1952-02-06)
Capitals & administrative places: Brunei Town
(Brunei Town)
Official & national languages: English (en) . Brunei Malay (kxd) .


BRUNEI State of BRUNEI  (Brunei Town)

4 Divisions:

BELAIT BELAIT District  (Kuala Belait)Local: BELAIT District (en) + Daerah BELAIT : دايره بلايت (kxd)  (Kuala Belait)
BRUNEI AND MUARA BRUNEI AND MUARA District  (Brunei Town)Local: BRUNEI AND MUARA District (en) + Daerah BRUNEI MUARA : دايره بروني-موارا (kxd)  (Brunei Town)
TEMBURONG TEMBURONG District  (Bangar)Local: TEMBURONG District (en) + Daerah TEMBURONG : دايره تمبوروڠ (kxd)  (Pekan Bangar)
TUTONG TUTONG District  (Tutong)Local: TUTONG District (en) + Daerah TUTONG : دايره توتوڠ (kxd)  (Pekan Tutong)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BRUNEI GARRISON British Military Garrison Brunei : British Armed Forces in BRUNEI  (Seria)

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