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SPAIN (Madrid) SDN Member SPANISH Republic : President Manuel Azana Diaz
NATIONALIST SPAIN (Seville) Rebellion Spanish Empire : NATIONALIST SPAIN : Francisco Franco

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SPANISH Republic

SPANISH Republic

Flag or Logo since 1936-07-18
República ESPAÑOLA (es) SDN Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Manuel Azana Diaz
(ruler of SPAIN since 1936-07-18)
Capitals & administrative places: Madrid
Official & national languages: Spanish (es) .


SPAIN SPANISH Republic  (Madrid)

8 Regionalized Divisions:

ASTURIAS Province of ASTURIAS  (Oviedo)Local: Provincia de ASTURIAS (es)  (Oviedo)
AVILA Province of AVILA  (Avila)Local: Provincia de ÁVILA (es)  (Ávila)
EXTREMADURA Region of EXTREMADURA  (Merida)Local: Región de EXTREMADURA (es)  (Mérida)
HUESCA Province of HUESCA  (Huesca)Local: Provincia de HUESCA (es)  (Huesca)
MANCHA Region of the MANCHA  (Albacete + Toledo)Local: Región de LA MANCHA (es)  (Albacete + Toledo)
MURCIA Region of MURCIA  (Murcia)Local: Región de MURCIA (es)  (Murcia)
VALENCIA VALENCIAN Region  (Valencia)Local: Región VALENCIANA (es)  (Valencia)

7 Territories:

BASQUE COUNTRY Region of BASQUE COUNTRY  (Vitoria)Local: Región del PAÍS VASCO (es)  (Vitoria)
CANTABRIA Autonomous CANTABRIAN Federated State  (Santander)Local: Estado Federado CANTÁBRICO autónomo (es)  (Santander)
CATALONIA CATALAN Autonomous Region [Generality of Catalonia]  (Barcelona a)Local: Región Autònoma Catalána : Generalitat de CATALUNYA (ca) + Región Autònoma Catalána : Generalidad de CATALUÑA (es)  (Barcelona)
GALICIA Autonomous Region of GALICIA  (Lugo)Local: Región de GALICIA (es)  (Lugo)
LA PALMA LA PALMA Island  (Santa Cruz of La Palma)Local: Isla de LA PALMA (es)  (Santa Cruz de La Palma)
MINORCA MINORCA Island Council  (Mahon)Local: Consejo Insular de MENORCA (es)  (Mahón)
SPANISH GUINEA Colony of SPANISH GUINEA  (Santa Isabel a)Local: Colonia de GUINEA ESPAÑOLA (es)  (Santa Isabel)

3 Condominiums:

CANFRANC RAILWAY STATION Franco-Spanish International Convention on Trans-Pyrenean Railways : CANFRANC INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY STATION  (Canfranc International Railway Station)Local: Convención Franco-Española sobre Ferrocarriles Transpirenaicos : ESTACIÓN INTERNACIONAL DE CANFRANC (es) + Convention franco-espagnole relative aux Chemins de Fer Transpyrénéens : GARE INTERNATIONALE DE CANFRANC (fr)  (Estación Internacional de Canfranc)
PHEASANTS´ ISLAND Condominium of PHEASANTS´ ISLAND [Condominium of Conference Island]  (Hospital Island)Local: Condominio de la ISLA DE LOS FAISANES (es) + Condominium de l´ÎLE DES FAISANS (fr)  (Île de l´Hôpital)
PYRENEAN FACERIES Trans-Borders Valleys of PYRENEAN FACERIES  (Baigorri + Baztan)Local: Valles Transfronterizas de las FACERIAS PIRENAICAS (es) + Vallées transfrontalières des FACERIES PYRÉNÉENNES (fr)  (Baigorri + Baztan)

1 Assisted Country

ANDORRA Principality of ANDORRA [French Extraordinary Commission]  (Andorra the Old a + (Seo de Urgel) ry) Coprince Justi Guitart i Vilardebo

29 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

AIR SPORTS World Air Sports Federation : WASF  (Lausanne)
ATCCT Advisory and Technical Committee for Communications and Transit : ATCCT  (Geneva)
EFO Economic and Financial Organization of the League of Nations : EFO  (Brusells)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)
GENOA AGREEMENT GENOA Economic Agreement on the Global Monetary Order  (Genoa)
HAGUE CONVENTION Permanent Court of Arbitration : PCA  (The Hague)
ICAN International Commission for Air Navigation : ICAN  (Paris)
IHB International Hydrographic Bureau : IHB Specialized Agency  (Monaco)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION Inter-Parliamentary Union : IPU  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF NATIONS League of Nations Covenant : LON  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Paris)
LNHO League of Nations Health Organization : LNHO  (Geneva)
NANSEN REFUGEES Nansen International Office for REFUGEES under the Authority of the League of Nations  (Berne)
OIC Organization of Intellectual Cooperation : OIC  (Geneva)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PANEUROPA International Paneuropean Union : PANEUROPA  (Vienna)
PCIJ Permanent Court of International Justice : PCIJ  (The Hague)
PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
REFRIGERATION International Institute of Refrigeration : IIR  (Paris)
REFUGEES FROM GERMANY High Commission for REFUGEES JEWISH AND OTHER coming from Germany  (Berne)
TELECOMMUNICATION International Telecommunication Union : ITU  (Berne)
TOURISM International Union of Official Tourist Propaganda Organizations : IUOTPO  (The Hague)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES International Bureau of Weights and Measures : IBWM  (Sevres)
WORLD BUSINESS International Chamber of Commerce : ICC [The Word Business Organization]  (Paris)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:


Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALHUCEMAS ISLANDS Spanish Place of Sovereignty of ALHUCEMAS ISLANDS  (Penon of Alhucemas)
CANARY ISLANDS Maritime Provinces of CANARY ISLANDS  (Santa Cruz of Tenerife a + Las Palmas of Great Canary a)
CANFRANC RAILWAY STATION Franco-Spanish International Convention on Trans-Pyrenean Railways : CANFRANC INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY STATION  (Canfranc International Railway Station)
CEUTA Comandment of CEUTA  (Ceuta)
CHAFARINAS ISLANDS Spanish Place of Sovereignty of CHAFARINAS ISLANDS  (Isabel The Second Island)
MELILLA Comandment of MELILLA  (Melilla)
PALMA OF MAJORCA Province of PALMA OF MAJORCA [Balearic Islands]  (Palma of Majorca)
PARSLEY ISLAND Spanish Possession of PARSLEY ISLAND  (Tura)
PENON OF VELEZ OF THE GOMERA Spanish Place of Sovereignty of PENON OF VELEZ OF THE GOMERA  (Penon of Velez of the Gomera)
PHEASANTS´ ISLAND Condominium of PHEASANTS´ ISLAND [Condominium of Conference Island]  (Hospital Island)
PYRENEAN FACERIES Trans-Borders Valleys of PYRENEAN FACERIES  (Baigorri + Baztan)
TERUEL Province of TERUEL [enclave of the city]  (Teruel)
TOLEDO Province of TOLEDO [enclave of the city]  (Toledo)

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