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Portuguese Republic : PORTUGAL [Portuguese Colonial Empire]

Portuguese Republic : PORTUGAL
[Portuguese Colonial Empire]

Flag or Logo since 1911-06-30
República PORTUGUESA [Império Português] (pt) SDN Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Antonio Jose de Almeida
(ruler of PORTUGAL since 1919-10-05)
Capitals & administrative places: Lisbon
Official & national languages: Portuguese (pt) .



17 Divisions:

AVEIRO AVEIRO District  (Aveiro)Local: Distrito de AVEIRO (pt)  (Aveiro)
BEJA BEJA District  (Beja)Local: Distrito de BEJA (pt)  (Beja)
BRAGA BRAGA District  (Braga)Local: Distrito de BRAGA (pt)  (Braga)
BRAGANZA BRAGANZA District  (Braganza)Local: Distrito de BRAGANÇA (pt)  (Bragança)
CASTELO BRANCO CASTELO BRANCO District  (Castelo Branco)Local: Distrito de CASTELO BRANCO (pt)  (Castelo Branco)
COIMBRA COIMBRA District  (Coimbra)Local: Distrito de COIMBRA (pt)  (Coimbra)
EVORA EVORA District  (Evora)Local: Distrito de ÉVORA (pt)  (Évora)
FARO FARO District  (Faro)Local: Distrito de FARO (pt)  (Faro)
GUARDA GUARDA District  (Guarda)Local: Distrito de GUARDA (pt)  (Guarda)
LEIRIA LEIRIA District  (Leiria)Local: Distrito de LEIRIA (pt)  (Leiria)
LISBON LISBON District  (Lisbon)Local: Distrito de LISBOA (pt)  (Lisboa)
OPORTO OPORTO District  (Oporto)Local: Distrito do PORTO (pt)  (Porto)
PORTALEGRE PORTALEGRE District  (Portalegre)Local: Distrito de PORTALEGRE (pt)  (Portalegre)
SANTAREM SANTAREM District  (Santarem)Local: Distrito de SANTARÉM (pt)  (Santarém)
VIANA DO CASTELO VIANA DO CASTELO District  (Viana do Castelo)Local: Distrito de VIANA DO CASTELO (pt)  (Viana do Castelo)
VILA REAL VILA REAL District  (Vlla Real of Tras-os-Montes)Local: Distrito de VILA REAL (pt)  (Vila Real de Trás-os-Montes)
VIZEU VIZEU District  (Vizeu)Local: Distrito de VIZEU (pt)  (Vizeu)

9 Territories:

ADJACENT ISLANDS Insular Territories of ADJACENT ISLANDS  (Funchal + Ponta Delgada)Local: Territórios insulares das ILHAS ADJACENTES (pt)  (Funchal + Ponta Delgada)
CAPE VERDE ISLANDS Portuguese Colony of CAPE VERDE ISLANDS  (Praia)Local: Colônia das ILHAS DO CABO VERDE (pt)  (Vila da Praia)
MACAO Portuguese Overseas Colony of MACAO  (Macao)Local: Colonia Ultramarina Portuguesa de MACAU (pt)  (Cidade do Santo Nome de Deus de Macau)
PORTUGUESE EAST AFRICA Governorate-General of the PORTUGUESE EAST AFRICA Colony [Portuguese Mozambique Colony]  (Lourenzo Marques)Local: Colônia de ÁFRICA ORIENTAL PORTUGUESA (pt)  (Lourenço Marques)
PORTUGUESE GUINEA Colony of PORTUGUESE GUINEA  (Bolama)Local: Colônia da GUINÉ PORTUGUESA (pt)  (Bolama)
PORTUGUESE INDIA Governorate-General of the Portuguese State of INDIA  (New Goa)Local: Estado Português da ÍNDIA (pt)  (Nova Goa)
PORTUGUESE TIMOR Portuguese Colony of PORTUGUESE TIMOR  (Dilly)Local: Colônia Portuguesa de TIMOR PORTUGUÊS (pt)  (Díli)
PORTUGUESE WEST AFRICA Governorate-General of the PORTUGUESE WEST AFRICA Colony [Angola Colony]  (Huambo)Local: Colônia da AFRICA OCIDENTAL PORTUGUÊSA (pt)  (Huambo)
SAINT THOMAS AND PRINCE Portuguese Colony of SAINT THOMAS AND PRINCE  (Saint Thomas)Local: Colônia portuguesa de SÃO THOMÉ E PRÍNCIPE (pt)  (São Thomé)

4 Condominiums:

KULANGSU INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT Municipal Council of the KULANGSU INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Kulangsu)Local: KULANGSU International Koncession (da) + Internationale Konzession von KULANGSU (de) + KULANGSU International Concession (en) + Concesión Internacional de KULANGSU (es) + Concession internationale de KOULANGSEU (fr) + Concessione internazionale di KULANGSU (it) + KORONSU no Kokusai Sokai : コロンスの国際租界 (ja) + Internationale Concessie van KULANGSU (nl) + KULANGSU Internasjonale Konsesjon (no) + Concessão Internacional de KULANGSU (pt) + KULANGSU International Koncession (sv) + KU-LANG-YÜ Kuo-Tsì T´e-Hsü Ching-Ying : 鼓浪嶼國際特許經營 (zh)  (Kulangyu)
PAKHOI Foreign Settlements of PAKHOI  (Pakhoi)Local: Ausländische Siedlungen von PAKHOI (de) + Foreign Settlements of PAKHOI (en) + Établissements étrangers de PAK-HOI (fr) + Insediamenti Stranieri di PAKHOI (it) + Assentamentos Estrangeiros de PAKHOI (pt) + PEI-HAI-te Tìng-Chü Tien : 北海的定居點 (zh)  (Pak-Hoi)
PEKING LEGATION QUARTER Joint Administrative Commission of the Diplomatic Quarter : PEKING LEGATION QUARTER  (Peking Legation Quarter)Local: Administrative Commission of the Diplomatic Quarter : PEKING LEGATION QUARTER (en) + Commission administrative du Quartier Diplomatique à Pékin : QUARTIER DES LÉGATIONS DE PÉKIN (fr) + TUNG CHIAO MIN Hsiang : 東交民巷 (zh)  (Tung Chiao-Min Hsiang)
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT International Concession of Shanghai Municipal Council : SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Shanghai International Settlement)Local: SHANGHAI International Settlement (en) + SHANGHAI International Koncession (da) + SCHANGHAI Internationalen Konzessionen (de) + Concesión Internacional de SHANGHÁI (es) + Concession Internationale de CHANGHAÏ (fr) + Concessione Internazionale di SCIANGAI (it) + SHIYANHAI Kiyoudou Sokai : 上海共同租界 (ja) + Internationale Concessie van SHANGHAI (nl) + Concessão Internacional de XANGAI (pt) + SHANHAYSKIY Mezhdunarodny Settlment : ШАНХАЙСКИЙ международный сеттльмент (ru) + SHANGHAI International Settlement (sv) + SHANG-HAI Kung-Kung Tsu-Chieh : 上海公共租界 (zh)  (Shanghai International Settlement)

Dependent Protectorate:

AJUDA Residency of the Viceroyalty of AJUDA  (Fortress of Saint John the Baptist of Whydah)Local: Forte de SÃO JOÃO BAPTISTA DE AJUDÁ (pt)  (Forte de São João Baptista de Ajudá)

29 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

AFRICAN WILDLIFE Convention for the Preservation of Wild Animals Birds and Fish in Africa : LONDON CONVENTION  (London)
AIR SPORTS World Air Sports Federation : WASF  (Lausanne)
ALLIED POWERS Military Inter-Allied Commission of Control of the ALLIED ENTENTE POWERS  (Sevres)
ATCCT Advisory and Technical Committee for Communications and Transit : ATCCT  (Barcelona)
AVIATION International Legal Committee of AVIATION  (Paris)
BRUSSELS CONVENTION Convention relative to the Slave Trade and Importation into Africa of Firearms Ammunition and Spiritous Liquors : BRUSSELS CONVENTION  (Saint Germain in Laye)
CTW Committee on the Traffic in Women and Children : CTW  (New York)
EFO Economic and Financial Organization of the League of Nations : EFO  (Brusells)
GENOA AGREEMENT GENOA Economic Agreement on the Global Monetary Order  (Genoa)
HAGUE CONVENTION Permanent Court of Arbitration : PCA  (The Hague)
HCR League of Nations High Commission for Refugees : HCR  (Berne)
IHB International Hydrographic Bureau : IHB Specialized Agency  (Monaco)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION Inter-Parliamentary Union : IPU  (Geneva)
IOC International Opium Convention : IOC  (The Hague)
LEAGUE OF NATIONS League of Nations Covenant : LON  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Paris)
METEOROLOGY International Meteorological Organization : IMO  (Geneva)
NAVAL CONFERENCE Washington Naval Treaty : FIVE-POWER TREATY  (Washington-District of Columbia)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PCIJ Permanent Court of International Justice : PCIJ  (The Hague)
PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
TELEGRAPH International Telegraph Union : ITU  (Berne)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES International Bureau of Weights and Measures : IBWM  (Sevres)
WORLD BUSINESS International Chamber of Commerce : ICC [The Word Business Organization]  (Paris + Atlantic City)

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