Shirvan 1991-FEB-05 - -   


(Baku) - (Moscow) - (Baku)

Region of SHIRVAN

Flag or Logo since 1991-02-05
Emblem or Symbol

President Ayaz Mutallibov
(ruler of AZERBAIJAN since 1990-01-25)

Mikhail Gorbachev
(ruler of SOVIET UNION since 1985-03-11)
Capitals & administrative places: Shemakha
Official & national languages:

8 Territories:

AGHSU AGHSU District  (Aghsu)Local: AGHSUSKY raion  (Aghsu)
GEOKCHAY GEOKCHAY District  (Geokchay)Local: GEOKCHAYSKIY raion : ГЕОКЧАЙСКИЙ райо́н (ru) + GÖYCHAY Rayonu (az)  (Geokchay)
ISMAILLY ISMAILLY District  (Ismailly)Local: ISMAILLSKIY raion  (Ismailly)
KYURDAMIR KYURDAMIR District  (Kyurdamir)Local: KYURDAMIRSKIY raion  (Kyurdamir)
MARAZA MARAZA District  (Mazara)Local: MAZARSKIY raion  (Mazara)
SHEMAKHA SHEMAKHA District  (Shemakha)Local: SHAMAKHSKIY raion  (Shamakhy)
UZHAR UZHAR District  (Uzhar)Local: UZHARSKIY raion  (Uzhar)
ZARDOB ZARDOB District  (Zardob)Local: ZARDABSKIY raion  (Zardab)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AZERBAIJAN Sovereign State of the AZERBAIJANI Republic  (Baku)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BARKHUDARLY BARKHUDARLY Village [Armenian Occupation of the Azerbaijani Enclave of Barkhudarly]  (Barkhudarly)
DAVACHI DAVACHI District  (Davachi)
KHACHMAZ KHACHMAZ District  (Kekhna-Khachmaz)
KHIZY KHIZY District  (Khizy)
KUBA KUBA District  (Kuba)
KUSAR KUSAR District  (Kusar)
KYARKI KYARKI Village [Armenian Occupation of the Azerbaijani Enclave of Kyarki]  (Kyarki)
MOUNTAINOUS KARABAKH MOUNTAINOUS KARABAKH Oblast [Azerbaidzhani Organizational Committee]  (Stepanakert)
NAKHICHEVAN NAKHICHEVAN Autonomous Republic  (Nakhichevan)
UPPER ASPIKARA UPPER ASPIKARA Enclave [Armenian Occupation of the Azerbaijani Enclave]  (Upper Askipara)
YARADULLU YARADULLU Village [Azerbaijani Enclaves in Armenia]  (Yaradullu)

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