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The Exalted OTTOMAN STATE [Turkish Ottoman Empire] Vilayet of YEMEN Sanjak of ASIR
(Constantinople a) (Hodeidah)(Abha)

Sheikhdom of ASIR

Flag or logo since 1900-01-01*
Mashakyat bi-´ASSIR : المشيخة من عسير (ar) + ASIR Emirliği : إمارة عسير (ota)
Emblem or Symbol*

Sultan Abdulhamit II Gazi the Sublime Khan
(ruler of OTTOMAN TURKEY since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places*: Sabyah
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) . Ottoman Turkish (ota) .


LOWER ASIR Sheikhdom of LOWER ASIR  (Sabyah)

13 Divisions:

ABU ARISH ABU ARISH Region  (Abu Arish)Local: ABU ARISH  (Abu Arish)
AHAD AL MASARIHAH AHAD AL MASARIHAH Region  (Ahad Al-Masarihah)Local: AHAD AL-MASARIHAH  (Ahad Al-Masarihah)
ARIDAH ARIDAH Region  (Al-Aridah)Local: AL-ARIDAH  (Al-Aridah)
AYDABI AYDABI Region  (Al-Aydabi)Local: AL-AYDABI  (Al-Aydabi)
BAYSH BAYSH Region  (Baysh)Local: BAYSH  (Baysh)
DAIR DAIR Region  (Ad-Dair)Local: AD-DAIR  (Ad-Dair)
DAMAD DAMAD Region  (Damad)Local: DAMAD  (Damad)
DARB DARB Region  (Ad-Darb)Local: AD-DARB  (Ad-Darb)
HARTH HARTH Region  (Al Harth)Local: AL-HARTH  (Al-Harth)
JIZZAN JIZZAN Region  (Jizzan)Local: GAZAN  (Gazan)
RAYTH RAYTH Region  (Ar-Rayth)Local: AR-RAYTH  (Ar-Rayth)
SABYAH SABYAH Region  (Sabyah)Local: SABYAH  (Sabyah)
SAMTAH SAMTAH Region  (Samtah)Local: SAMITAH  (Samitah)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

GHATGHAT Sultanate of GHATGHAT  (Alghat)
HAIL Rashidite Emirate of HAIL  (Hail)
JEBEL SHAMMAR Confederation of JEBEL SHAMMAR  (Hail)
JOWF Anizah Emirate of JOWF [under Ottoman Suzerainty]  (Jowf-Amir)
MURRA Emirate of MURRA [in Yemeni Empty Quarter]  (Al Murrah)
MUTAYR Emirate of MUTAYR  (Al Artaweeiyah)
NAJRAN Muslim Principality of NAJRAN [under Yemeni Suzerainty]  (Aba As-Saud)
NEJD Shammari Governorate of NEJD  (Diriyah)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ASIR Sanjak of ASIR  (Abha)
BURAYDA Governorate-General of BURAYDA [Qasim under Najdi Suzerainty]  (Burayda)
DAWASIR VALLEY Rashidite Military Region of DAWASIR VALLEY  (Khamaseen + Nowaima)
HASA Sanjak of HASA [Mutesarifate of Hasa]  (Hofuf)
HEJAZ Vilayet of the HEJAZ  (Taif a + Mecca y)
HOLY CITY OF MECCA Sanjak of MECCA : Autonomous Sharifate of The Honored Holy City of Mecca  (Mecca)
UNAYZAH Wahhabi Governorate-General of UNAYZAH  (Unayzah)

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